Transform Your Research with Advanced TA Spectrometers

Discover a better way of doing transient absorption (TA) spectroscopy with Magnitude Instruments. Our state-of-the-art benchtop instruments are designed to enhance your research, offering unparalleled sensitivity, speed, and ease of use.

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Higher Sensitivity. Better Noise Suppression. Smaller Footprint. Benchtop TA Spectrometers

Designed by scientists, for scientists.

Our patented noise suppression technology enables rapid measurements of small signals and enables scanning with unprecedented low-intensity photoexcitation for high-quality, publishable data; all in one box small enough to fit on your kitchen table.

All-In-One Transient Absorption Spectrometers

Meet the smaller, easier-to-use solution to transient absorption spectroscopy measurements - from laser to detector.


Become a Time-Resolved Spectroscopy Rockstar

Get better, more reliable data faster.

Each of our revolutionary benchtop products delivers jaw-dropping transient absorption and photoluminescence capabilities. Dive into a world where advanced noise suppression technology meets rapid data acquisition, enabling groundbreaking discoveries in photochemistry, materials science, and beyond.

Revolutionize your research with Transient Absorption Spectroscopy from Magnitude Instruments