When insane sensitivity meets low noise and rapid scanning times, the results and the data rock. Magnitude Instruments wants to help you disrupt material science, photochemistry and biochemistry in ways no one’s thought of yet. Use better, faster, easier transient absorption spectroscopy to rock the world of science, one sample at a time.

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Measurably Different Transient Absorption Spectrometers: Kick Axis And Take Names.

Magnitude Instruments has redefined state-of-the-art by creating benchtop transient absorption (TA) spectrometers that push the limits of nano-to-millisecond spectroscopy with fast data collection and sensitivity that are inaccessible with traditional TA technology.

Designed by scientists for scientists, our patented noise suppression technology enables rapid measurements of small signals and enables scanning with unprecedented low intensity photoexcitation for high quality, publishable data.

Research groups can leverage 100-fold higher sensitivity to forge new frontiers in photochemistry and catalysis research. Measurements of short-lived transient intermediates. Catalytic reaction mechanisms. Low sample concentrations relevant to biochemistry.

“The sensitivity and ease of use of the enVISion makes even challenging transient diffuse reflectance spectroscopy measurements easy. My students can focus on the complexities of the sample and know they will get state of the art data every time.”

Tom Mallouk, University of Pennsylvania, Chemistry

“The enVISion has been transformative for my materials group. We can now routinely make transient absorption measurements ourselves. The measurements are so fast and easy that our spectroscopy collaborators are envious of the publishable-quality data my synthetic group produces quickly.”

Ming Lee Tang, University of Utah, Chemistry

“My students find the enVISTA as easy to use as a steady state UV-Vis spectrometer. They just need to prepare the sample, and then collect state of the art nanosecond transient absorption data with unparalleled throughput and signal to noise. No other nanosecond system we considered comes close to this performance and ease of use.”

Stephen E. Bradforth, University of Southern California

“The Magnitude solution for transient infrared studies is well integrated for both hardware and software. All you need to do is some simple alignment and then focus on the sample itself. Always getting higher data quality and better clarity of analysis, which keeps offering us a deeper insight into our materials.”

Qingyu (Frank) Ye, Virginia Tech

“Magnitude Instruments’ line of transient absorption spectrometers are truly a scientist’s dream: turnkey-style ease of use, with ample flexibility for customization. The enVISion and inspIRe have elevated both the quality and output of our research, setting us at the forefront of our field.”

Daniel Cairnie, Virginia Tech

“As a synthesis and characterization group, we have long worked with transient spectroscopy collaborators to analyze our materials. The simplicity and versatility of the enVISTA now enables us to make many of these measurements ourselves with data quality and throughput that surpass any other nanosecond instruments we considered.”

Mark E. Thompson, University of Southern California

Sample screenshots from Magnitude Instruments
enVISionTM and inspIReTM software

Smaller, All-In-One, Self-Contained Transient Absorption Spectrometers That Are Easier To Use.

The ideal tool for the spectroscopist and non spectroscopist alike – we’ve designed transient absorption spectrometers that allow you and your colleagues to focus on the sample, design the experiment, analyze the data, and interpret the results—low maintenance, easy to use, plain and simple.

Now, spectroscopists, synthetic and materials chemists, electrochemists, catalysis scientists, biochemists and more can do groundbreaking spectroscopy in-house. All without dedicating expansive lab footprints to support conventional laser systems.

Redefining Time-resolved Spectroscopy And What It Means To Be A “Rock Star”.

Make scientific noise with unprecedented noise-suppression: How far can you go with Magnitude Instruments?

Each of our revolutionary benchtop products—enVISion and inspIRe—deliver jaw-dropping transient absorption spectroscopy (flash photolysis) capabilities never before seen. But they were developed to do more.

In addition to transient absorption spectroscopy, our products also measure time-resolved photoluminescence and steady state absorption spectroscopy, making it faster and easier for users to measure samples with identical spectral and temporal resolution. Rock on, problem solvers.

Revolutionize your research with Transient Absorption Spectroscopy and Flash Photolysis from Magnitude Instruments.

Better yet? Contact the inventors of our technology directly to learn more, ask detailed questions, or arrange for a comparative sample measurement that will knock your socks off.  Contact us here.

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