The only complete nanosecond time-resolved mid-infrared (TRIR) flash photolysis system available.

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The inspIRe is the first broadband nanosecond mid-IR transient absorption (TA) spectrometer in a true one-box platform (including pump laser and all electronics). The inspIRe sets the standard for mid-IR TA spectroscopy with the simplicity of an FTIR measurement.

Our patent-pending detection technology enables unprecedented 100 ΔnanoO.D. detection limit and full 2D frequency and time resolution. Our patent-pending design enables rapid switching between transmissive and reflective sample geometries.

The fully integrated, one-box system includes everything:

  • Light source,
  • Excitation laser,
  • Detection system,
  • and all electronics.

State of the art TA spectroscopy measurements can now be performed with little training, making the system ideal for user facilities, multi-disciplinary research groups, undergraduate labs as well as advanced users seeking state of the art performance.


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Biochemistry • Materials science • and more!

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