Hardcore noise suppression technology that enables spectroscopic measurements that exponentially increase your understanding of functional devices, photocatalytic mechanisms, enzymatic reactions, and more—faster and easier than ever before.

Magnitude is here to inspIRe– better, faster, easier spectoscopic measurements that will help you rock the world with scientific discovery.

Meet inspIRe™: Easy-to-use, Compact Mid-IR Transient Absorption Spectrometer

It’s the first broadband nanosecond mid-IR TA spectrometer in a true one-box platform—one that includes the pump laser, optical components, and all electronics. Safety. Versatility. Performance. Ease of use, in one compact unit.

The inspIRe™ utilizes our patent-pending noise suppression technology to deliver an unprecedented 100 ΔnanoO.D. detection detection limit with full 2D data collection of absorption versus time and wavelength—changing the game for the emerging science of mid-IR TA spectroscopy. Chemists, physicists, biochemists, engineers and material scientists and more can deploy and utilize electronic and vibrational spectroscopy in the mid-IR like never before.

All from a self-contained, compact instrument that enables fast data collection, rapid sample scanning and high throughput—without the intense training and maintenance required for traditional ultrafast laser systems. No dedicated optics lab. No maintenance of complex lasers. Ready any time the sample is.

The fully integrated, one-box system includes everything:

  • Probe light source
  • Excitation laser
  • All optical components
  • Large, modular sample compartment
  • All electronics
  • Detection system
  • High performance computer
  • Analysis & automation software

State of the art TA spectroscopy measurements can now be performed with little training, making the system ideal for user facilities, multi-disciplinary research groups, undergraduate labs as well as advanced users seeking state of the art performance.

For better solar cells, batteries, semiconductors, catalysts, enzymes….

inspIRe™ was named for its potential to inspire the future of infrared (IR) transient absorption spectroscopy by enabling spectroscopic measurements that exponentially increase our understanding of functional devices, photocatalytic mechanisms, enzymatic reactions—we want to help you rock some world-changing science.

Need Game-Changing Transient Absorption Spectroscopy in the UV/Visible IR Spectrum?

Meet enVISion™, compact TA spectrometer delivering revolutionary sensitivity that’s equally capable of fast, high throughput, time-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy and steady state absorption.

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