Gain insights into vibrational spectroscopy faster and more easily than ever before with noise suppression technology that enables spectroscopic measurements in the mid-IR.



Compact & Easy-to-Use

Meet the inspIRE:

An all-in-one mid-IR transient absorption spectrometer

Introducing the first broadband nanosecond mid-IR TA spectrometer in a true one-box instrument, featuring an integrated pump laser, optical components, and electronics. The inspIRe™, with its patented noise suppression technology, achieves a groundbreaking 100 ΔnanoO.D. detection limit and full transient absorption data over both time and wavelength, revolutionizing mid-IR TA spectroscopy.

This compact, all-in-one instrument offers quick data collection, rapid sample scanning, and high throughput, all without the need for extensive training or maintenance. It's ready to go whenever your sample is, requiring no dedicated optics lab or complex laser maintenance.

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Better. Faster. Easier.

An All-in-One TA Spectrometer

Improving spectroscopic measurements one at a time.

The fully integrated, one-box system includes everything:

  • Probe light source
  • Excitation laser
  • All optical components
  • Large, modular sample compartment
  • All electronics
  • Detection system
  • High-performance computer
  • Analysis & automation software

State-of-the-art mid-IR TA spectroscopy measurements can now be performed with little training, making the system ideal for user facilities, multi-disciplinary research groups, undergraduate labs, as well as advanced users seeking top-level performance.

Delivering Revolutionary Sensitivity in Nanosecond mid-IR Spectroscopy

Unprecedented 10-7 ΔO.D. detection limit

One-box, user friendly, turnkey system, with option for an external excitation source.

No special laboratory requirements needed – Place on a lab bench or any table

Capable of transmission, reflection, and many other sample geometries

Full time axis recorded with a single laser shot – enabling rapid signal acquisition

Transient absorption spectroscopy with 5 ns time resolution and over 100 millisecond delay time.

Meet enVISTA™

Meet the enVISTA™: A UV/visible/near-IR transient absorption spectrometer that sets a new standard for sensitivity. The enVISTA™ offers broad probe wavelength ranges and combines speed, simplicity, & compact design without compromising performance.

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Meet enVISion

Introducing the enVISion™, our signature UV/visible/near-IR TA spectrometer delivering revolutionary sensitivity and that’s also capable of fast, high throughput time-resolved photoluminescence and steady state absorption spectroscopy.

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Detection Limits (Single Frequency) 10-7 ΔO.D. (1 hr); 10-6 ΔO.D. (<1 min)
Time Resolution ≥5 ns (standard)
Time Range Up to 4 ms (standard)
Spectral Resolution 2.5 – 20 cm-1, Automated Control
Spectral Range 2.5 – 10 µm (1000 – 4000 cm-1)
Repetition Range Variable 0.2 – 19 kHz
(Automated Control, Internal Laser)
Lower repetition rates possible.
Excitation Wavelength 355 nm, 532 nm, 1064 nm (Internal Laser)
Sampling Rate Up to 2 ns per sample

*Specifications listed here are for instrument utilizing our standard excitation laser. Instruments can be customized to meet specific customer needs. Due to our continuous product improvement, minimum specifications may change without notice. Magnitude Instruments’ products come with a standard 1 year warranty on equipment defects.

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