Elevate Your Research with Magnitude Instruments

Venture into new frontiers of transient absorption spectroscopy with our compact, all-in-one spectrometers. Designed with unparalleled sensitivity and ease of use, Magnitude Instruments empowers you to transcend traditional limitations to transient absorption spectroscopy. Your journey towards groundbreaking discoveries starts here.

Revolutionary Transient Absorption (TA) Spectroscopy Instruments


It’s Your Time. Be A Changemaker.

Magnitude engineers spectrometers that allow chemists, physicists, materials scientists, biochemists and more to do revolutionary, state-of-the art TA spectroscopy without having to be experts in laser technology.

Our patented signal acquisition technology reduces noise by orders of magnitude compared to any other available system and enables acquisition of the full time axis for each laser shot. That means you’ll spend more time focusing on the sample and results of the measurement, rather than on instrument setup and the measurement itself.


Our Unbelievably Powerful, Measurably Different TA Instruments:


Affordable, ultra-compact, UV/visible/near-IR TA spectrometer that doesn’t compromise on performance.


Infrared TA Spectrometer

The only complete nanosecond time-resolved mid-infrared (TRIR) system available. 


Benchtop Transient Absorption Spectrometers: Smaller. Faster. Easier to use.

Our patented signal acquisition technology measures and cancels noise, enabling an unprecedented 100 ΔnanoO.D. detection limit and full wavelength and time resolution. Our products also support time-resolved emission spectroscopy measurements with nanosecond time resolution, as well as steady state absorption spectroscopy.

In other words, our technology truly modernizes nanosecond flash photolysis, making it the most sensitive type of transient absorption spectroscopy available today, with rapid scanning times and an all-in-one compact design that saves valuable lab space and is easier for students and other personnel to use.

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