Unparalleled UV/Visible/Near-IR Sensitivity In
Transient Absorption (TA) Spectroscopy.

Our patent pending noise suppression technology enables the lowest recorded detection limit (100 ΔnanoO.D.) with full 2D data collection & visualization of the TA signal over both wavelength and time.

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Meet enVISion®: Compact. Fast. Self-contained. Easy To Use. Remarkable.

It’s the game-changing TA spectrometer electrochemists, biochemists, material scientists, solar/photovoltaic researchers, shared user facilities and more have been waiting for.

The enVISion® delivers broadband nanosecond TA spectroscopy that seamlessly probes the entire spectral region over UV, visible and near-infrared wavelengths with 5 ns time resolution and up to milliseconds of delay time. Record the entire time axis in a single laser shot for fast data collection with unprecedented sensitivity. All from an all-in-one instrument that’s as easy to use as UV-Vis spectrometers; that fits comfortably on any table or lab bench.

The enVISion® was named for its standout performance enabling researchers to completely reimagine the possibilities of UV/Vis/near-IR transient absorption spectroscopy.

The fully integrated, one-box system includes everything:

  • Probe light source
  • Excitation laser
  • All optical components
  • Large, modular sample compartment
  • All electronics
  • Detection system
  • High performance computer
  • Analysis & automation software

State of the art TA spectroscopy measurements can now be performed with little training, making the system ideal for user facilities, multi-disciplinary research groups, undergraduate labs as well as advanced users seeking state of the art performance.

Aside from TA spectroscopy, the enVISion can additionally be used for performing time-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy with as fast as 5 ns time response in the UV/visible/near-IR spectral regions.

A true one-box platform, the enVISion redefines UV/visible/near-IR TA spectroscopy with the simplicity of a UV-Vis measurement. Our patent-pending detection technology enables the lowest recorded detection limit in TA spectroscopy (100 ΔnanoO.D.) and full 2D wavelength and time resolution.

Transient Absorption:  Higher Throughput and Exponentially Greater Sensitivity.

The enVISion® was invented to do what other transient absorption spectrometers could not—deliver the granular, difference-making sensitivity necessary to advance complete understanding of the lifecycle of excited states in photochemical and catalytic reactions. Faster and easier than ever before.

Is Vibrational Spectroscopy Your Game?

Meet inspIRe™, the equally powerful, compact, and easy-to-use mid-infrared (TRIR) transient absorption system from Magnitude Instruments.

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